=Penang= Hakka Fusion Private Dining @ Choo Private Dining

Hakka Fusion Private Dining is something quite rare in town, Choo Private Dining is the combination of traditional Hakka cuisine with western fine-dining experience in a private living room, where the chef will prepare your food at the open kitchen right next to it.

Since this is a custom-made dining option, you can decide what to try and how many course to go. We opt for the 5-course dinner with Wagyu main-course that cost us RM158 per person, but the dishes are so good and well worth every penny.


Truffle Oil Sesame Prawn Toast
The first dish is an appetizer which is already very impressive, the rich flavour from the sea with the crunchiness of the toast will confuse your bite that you thought you are having a bite of crispy fish fillet with prawn, and 3 pieces are really not enough, we want more!

Hakka Yam Abacus Seeds
This rather common Hakka dish is no stranger to us, but I don't remember tasted any Abacus as good as this one, the preserved radish and dried shrimp that garnished to it also balance the flavour well.

Wagyu Beef with Hakka Kumquat Sauce
Wagyu Beef is definitely not a Hakka dish, but this western main course has fusion with a touch of Hakka essence, which is served with Hakka Kumquat Sauce that has strong citrus flavour with a hint of sourness.

Hakka Duck Glutinous Rice
You will refined the taste of duck after trying this dish, Gibson really likes the idea to blend a salty dish with erotic and sweet fruit.

Hakka Ramie Leaf Sweet Dumpling
Ramie Leaf is a natural almost-black food dye, so our dessert is a black dumpling with red bean filling, then garnished with gold flake.

Honeydew is just a bonus to complete our culinary journey.

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All the photographs are taken with Huawei P20 Pro.

Choo Private Dining
Address: Taman Bukit Minyak Utama, Bukit Minyak, Pulau Pinang, 14000 Malaysia
Contact: 013-694 3131
Minimum Order: 2 persons
*Chinese Food*
December 2, 2018



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