=Penang= Frozen wild lobster from Indonesia as cheap as RM15 per lobster @ Different C Mart, Tanjung Bungah

Gibson just discovered that you can buy a frozen wild lobster from Indonesia as cheap as RM15 per lobster at Different C Mart, Tanjung Bungah and the lobsters that Gibson cooked in the steamed egg dish was selling at RM20 per lobster.


You may think that lobster at this cheap price won't taste any good, but after trying out the lobster twice with differences cooking method, it just worths ever penny that you spend, as it taste and texture really not bad, of course you cannot compare it with Boston Lobster lah.

Here are the idea of difference size and pricing range.

Beside the frozen lobster, this convenience store also offers several imported goods from China, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea and etc. So even lobster chips are available here.

If you like Korean Soju, their price tag is so far the cheapest in town, though they sell one bottle at RM15.50, but buy 5 free 1 would be equivalent to RM12.95 per bottle.

If you are the regular of TaoBao online shopping portal, you may already noticed Three Squirrels that sells nut with shells which to preserve the freshness of the nut, and they are also available here.

一夻Ramen is the instant noodles that you can eat anywhere without worry of anything, as they got you covered with everything you need to cook, and the noodle can be cooked by the "steamer" equipped with it. Interesting? Yes. But not cheap as one bowl sells at RM30.

Besides Ramen, they also have self-cooked steamboat and all the other instant noodles, drinks, chips, junk foods and etc.

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All the photographs are taken with Huawei P20 Pro.

Different C Mart
Address: Menara Asas 598-Gf-09, Jalan Tanjung Bungah, Tanjong Tokong, 11200 Pulau Pinang, Malaysia
Contact: 012-555 7964
Business Hours: Mon - Fri 9.30am-8.00pm, Sat 9.30am-7pm and Sun 9.30-5.30pm
February 22, 2019



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