=Penang= Dragon Gate Banquet @ The Six Premium Cantonese Restaurant, Penang Times Square

For only RM688++ (Orginal price is RM988++) , you get to enjoy the "Dragon Gate Banquet" in a private room that equips with KaraOK facility, and the dishes included many expensive seafood, namely the prawn, crab, oyster, fish and abalone. They also offer free drink like Red date with Wolfberry upon request.


☞RM688++ promotion last until the end of mother day and father day
☞Private Room is on first come first served basic and subject to availability
☞Value added service included free drink and hot towel.
☞Banquet set up and decoration may vary, surprise for everyone.

What is "Dragon Gate Banquet"? It is still a 9-course Chinese dinner, but instead of serving the dish by dish, they will serve you all the 9 dishes at once, which you can see in the picture that they need at least 4 men to serve your food.

Lets see what they offer in the "Dragon Gate Banquet" menu.

Salad Oyster with Baked Cheese

Sautéed Rhizome with Celery

Steamed Garoupa Fish with Patong Sauce

Signature Pork Rib

Crispy Roasted Chicken

Pan Fried Prawn with Garlic

Deep Fried Octopus

Sautéed Crab with Garlic & Chili

Braised Abalone with Black Truffle

Red date with Wolfberry

Tidbits served with extra charge.

Advance reservation is needed to secure the private room. Though they have 16 rooms in total, but beside the "Dragon Gate Banquet" costumer, even if you just order as cheap as RM288++ menu, you are also eligible to request for the room. So better hurry than sorry.

If you like to celebrate special occasion with some alcoholic drink, they have plenty to offer.

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All the photographs are taken with Huawei P20 Pro.

The Six Premium Cantonese Restaurant, Penang Times Square
Address: 77-G-63 Penang Time Square, Jalan Dato Keramat, 10150 George Town, Pulau Pinang
Contact: 04- 296 9745 / 011-11101226(woh)
Business Hours: 11am - 9.45pm
*Chinese Food*
April 10, 2019



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