=Penang= Cafe WWII by Teels Heritage with KoTeLo Boom

KoTeLo Boom is Kopi, Teh and Milo Cham!!! You can find this "boom" drink at Cafe WWII by Teels Heritage, which is another new cafe of Ghee Hiang. Besides the KoTeLo Boom, they also have many other "Boom" such as Cham Boom (Coffee + Tea), Horlicks Boom, Heng Jin (almond) Boom and etc.


KoTeLo Boom (RM6)
KoTeLo is a mixed drink of coffee, tea and Milo while topping with creamy milk. They offer a total of 10 Boom's drink which included a Heng Jin Milo (almond + Milo RM6.50) Boom, if the mixed drink too extreme for you, you can try Kopi Boom (RM4) or Teh Boom (RM4).

Cafe WWII only offer breakfast and lunch menu. Although they have Breakfast set (RM7.50) , but Gibson strongly recommends you to try their Pumpkin Kaya + butter toast (RM4.20). The right sweetness of the jam enhance with the pumpkin aroma is so nice until we get too excited, forget to take photograph before we finish the butter toast, so in the picture you only see the pumpkin kaya jam.

Sesame Chicken Mee Sua Soup (RM7.90)
Come to Ghee Hiang cannot miss their sesame dish, so we try this Mee Sua Soup, must eat while it is serves hot, so don't spend too much time on taking photograph.

Blue Nasi Lemak (RM9.90)
Claimed to be the best Blue Nasi Lemak in town, and Gibson can only describes as crunchy at it's best and spicy with nice aroma.

We came during breakfast, so we haven't try their Lunch, just a Menu for your reference.

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Cafe WWII by Teels Heritage
Address: 95, Beach Street, 10300, Penang.
Contact: 04-262 9917 / 012-499 0626
Business Hours: 8am - 5pm, closed on Sunday
Facebook: CafeWW2Penang
September 24, 2019



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