=Penang= Frozen Cooked Crayfish is now available in 3 flavours

Finally, the frozen cooked Crayfish is available in Penang and they have 3 flavours to offer, namely the 13-spices, Mala (numbing spicy) and Garlic. This well cooked Crayfish just need to defrost and put in the microwave to reheat for 5 minutes before serving, and the meat of the Crayfish is surprisingly tender and tasty.


Crayfish is very common on the food table in China but not really in Malaysia, if you have been watching the food video clip from Tik Tok or Facebook, you will understanding that why Gibson has been craving for this China flavour.

Gibson was so happy to found out this particular shop in George Town selling frozen cooked Crayfish and having Mid-autumn promotion now, so he immediately message them and make arrangement for the pick up. However, their shop located inside Gayo cafe which is a touristy area, the traffic in that area can be a real turn down some time, so after going through the hassle, Gibson will definitely opt for delivery which only available in Saturday and only within Penang island.

Mid-autumn promotion until 15th September 2019:
1 box RM 78.00
2 boxes RM 136.00
3 boxes RM 188.00

Although this was Gibson first time buying the frozen cooked Crayfish, but he decided to buy all three flavour since they are having a promotion now.

After defrosted the Crayfish, the colour looks vibrant and nice.

You can either microwave to reheat or recook on pan, but Gibson decided to microwave, simple and nice ma.

After done reheat, you are all set for the feast. This one is the 13-spices that is less spicy that Mala, but the kick of spiciness is not joke ya, if you really cannot eat spicy, Garlic may be your option.

Though the Crayfish meat is something nice to enjoy, but after peel off the shell, their flesh is quite limited, only those crazy rich Asian can eat this anytime they like. However, this is still some thing worth trying, it is delicious enough to ease your wallet pain.

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Address: 183, Victoria Street 10300 Penang. (Inside Gayo Cafe)
Contact: 013-4544280
Facebook: www.facebook.com/LCcrayfish/
*Chinese Food*
September 9, 2019



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