Cooked Live Eel in Natural Spring Water @ Putien Eel Festival

Putien is now offering 2 new menus with Live Eel, because only with live Eel, you can cooked it in natural spring water that imported all the way from Wu Yi Feng, China. Ready to serve in just 10 minutes after boiling. However, if you find the bone in the fish too annoying, you can have the Pan-fried live Eel on Hot plate with just sea salt, with crunchiness of fish, you barely notice the bone.


Live Eel cooked in natural spring water RM79.90
Live Eel cooked in natural spring water is one of the dishes that Putien offers in their Eel Festival, you may wonder that how they bring in the spring water and how is Eel tastes like? will it be too smelly? Gibson got the answer. The spring water is bottled and imported from China, they just pour into the pot and boil the fresh Eel with spices for 10 minutes, then it is ready to serve. The Eel taste fresh with a hint of sweetness, while the soup is light with the flavour from the sea. They definitely keeping the original taste of the freshness while doing it on the health-conscious way.

Pan-fried live Eel on Hot plate RM79.90
Another Eel dish is Pan-fried live Eel on Hot plate. They fry the eel till it sizzling and the skin slightly curls, then seasoning with sea salt before they serve. This simple dish surprise us with better taste and texture, and the chewiness of the fish lilts out the best of it's taste.

Besides the Eel, you can have the below menus to pair with it:

Cold Pork Trotters Jelly RM15.90

Braised Pig Intestine RM18.90

Drunken Squid RM18.90

Iced Bitter Gourd RM12.90

Stir-fried Chili Clams (Medium) RM35.85

Spinach in Supreme Stock (Large) RM43.80

Stir-fried Yam (Small) RM20.90

Deep-fried Chicken with Garlic (Whole) RM58.90

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ss15 Courtyard: 03-5612 3377
The Gardens Mall: 03-2202 1338
Sunway Velocity: 03-9201 3228
Gurney Paragon: 04-226 0828
Pavillion KL: 03-2113 0108
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September 19, 2019



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