Oyster festival 2019 @ Putien Malaysia

Now is the Oyster festival at Putien again, where you can enjoy Oysters in 6 different ways. Beside the PUTIEN crispy Oyster that available in their a la carte menu, the other 5 are just available during the festival, and Pan-fried Oyster coated with Bee Hoon is definitely the best choice to try first.


Pan-fried Oyster coated with Bee Hoon (small) RM36.90
Pan-fried the sun-dried and milled by hand vermicelli - Heng Hwa Bee Hoon with oyster till it turned brown and crispy, must eat with their special chilli sauce to enjoy the best of the dish.

Besides the Pan-fried Oyster coated with Bee Hoon, there are another 2 crispy options:

Deep-fried battered Oyster with Seaweed (small) RM36.90

PUTIEN crispy Oyster (small) RM29.90

Seaweed Oysters with fried egg (small) RM29.90
This dish is not the local oyster omelet that we familiar with, and it has the scrambled eggs texture.

Jiangkou Hometown Oyster Soup (small) RM36.90
The Oysters will coated with corn flour before cooking in the soup, so it has a jelly-like texture while bursting with the strong flavour from the sea.

The last option we didn't try is the Seasoned fresh Oyster.

Iced Nanri Abalone RM32.90/ pcs
Besides the Oysters option, their abalone is also something good to try. Bred on natural seaweed and delivered fresh to your table.

PUTIEN Century Egg RM12.90
Century egg is Gibson's favourite delicacy, and this special delicacy have a similar taste like deep-fried soft-shell crab.

Drunken Squid RM18.90

Gibson would like to 3 of their drink options, from left are the Bayberry tea with iced berry cubes RM10.90, Infusion by Mr.Qu RM9.90 and Soursop juice RM9.90.

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Below are PUTIEN outlets in Malaysia:
1 Utama: 03-7722 1539
Sunway Pyramid: 03-5621 1399
ss15 Courtyard: 03-5612 3377
The Gardens Mall: 03-2202 1338
Sunway Velocity: 03-9201 3228
Gurney Paragon: 04-226 0828
Pavillion KL: 03-2113 0108
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November 12, 2019



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