TourPass, the Oversea Alipay Top Up Option

For those who has been struggled to top-up money into Alipay account would definitely understand the horror and trouble through the process, but now there is a top-up option that done within the app. After gave it a try and successfully paid the shipping company in China, Gibson is glad to share how this TourPass works.


Due to many postings about TourPass are rather plain as introduction, Gibson decided to share how TourPass can solve our problem?

You might think TourPass is a platform to top-up Chinese Yuan into your Alipay account, but TourPass is only work as a debit card of Bank of Shanghai, and you can spend the money through Alipay to China merchant.

Due to its debit card status, there will be an expired date, which is 90 days after your first registration. This card meant to provide the cashless service for the tourist in China, and the convenient is also benefit us to pay China merchant in a less hassle way.

Therefore, Gibson does not recommend to use this card to pay for Taobao's shopping, as Alipay already provide the direct payment facility with your own credit card plus good exchange rate. TourPass is an option when you need to pay someone in China outside of Taobao ecosystem such as third party shipping company or individual merchant.

Let's begin with searching "TourPass" in your Alipay App, and click the result to reach the Tour Pass interface.

You can decide how much to top up from RMB100 to RMB2000 per transaction.

Then fill in your personal and bank detail.

Step 1: Fill in the amount you want to top up, Gibson tried for RMB100
Step 2: Fill in your passport details and upload your passport detail photo.
Step 3: Fill in your debit card or credit card detail, then click "You agree to enter into...." and "Next" to proceed.

Upload passport interface, there will be a guide to assist you which page of passport to snap.

Fill in bankcard interface.

Once payment has been done, you will get a confirmation notification.

On the TourPass interface, you will find your prepaid card expired date and your card number. The next top up is quite hassle free as you no need to repeat the above step right until your card expired.

When you need to pay someone through Alipay just click pay button in your Alipay App.

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Then Choose to pay with your Bank of Shanghai Debit Card.

November 18, 2019



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