=Penang= Heritage Wing of Eastern & Oriental Hotel Re-opening on the 20 December 2019

The 134-year old Heritage Wing of Eastern & Oriental (E&O) Hotel is finally completed the extensive refurbishment and officially announces the re-opening date on the 20 December 2019. The 99 new suite rooms will be fully covered by round-the-clock butler service, while the 3 new F&B outlets having the WOW factor, their afternoon tea is also having a new way to indulge.


The 99 new suite rooms consist of 8 categories, and the most common suite is the DELUXE SUITE, which has 64 rooms; then followed by the PREMIER SUITE (14 rooms) that provided with a choice of either a balcony or garden terrace. All the suite rooms will have the separate living area and luxurious bathroom.

Gibson get to visit the PREMIER SUITE with garden terrace. The new design not only reminiscent of strait settlement characteristics, but every detail are finished a touch of elegant.

The bathroom in the suite room is as elegant as the hotel.

Every room equipped with a butler button, you can call your butler anytime as you wish.

Minibar in the room will be provided with free drinks and snacks.

The guests of the heritage wing get to access the Cornwallis, which is the private lounge that offering breakfast and complimentary evening canapés and cocktails.

Next to the Cornwallis is the signature swimming pool of the hotel, as well as an in-suite decanters with premium selected beverages and snacks that will be replenished daily.

At the hallway outside of the Cornwallis is the art colonnade of the hotel, which will showcase the art piece on a monthly basis.

Next to the art colonnade is the E&O exhibition room that you can learn everything of the hotel.

At the heritage wing hotel lobby, the management has placed great emphasis to preserve elements of the hotel’s 134-year old history, which includes the dome and the manual lift.

Palm Court is the restaurant that is serving Penang’s ethnic Asian favourites and casual Western staples as well as E&O’s time-honoured quintessential three-tiered English Afternoon Tea.

Java Tree restaurant is serving heritage flavours in a menu of refined Nyonya recipes and classic European cuisine complemented by selected wines and beverages.

The restaurant is named after the oldest tree in the area, which planted even before the E&O hotel was built, the Java tree is the only constant among the changes the hotel has undergone throughout the years - from the initial establishment of the Oriental Hotel in 1885 to its merger with the Eastern Hotel; an earlier venture by the Sarkies Brothers, into the E&O it is today.

Next to Java tree is the Ratten room, which is the expansion of the restaurant during peak hour, but you can also rented the whole room for private dining.

Farquhar’s Bar has relocated to the new place which replaced the 1885 restaurant.

The Grand Ballroom is now more elegant for any big event, especially wedding dinner.

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Eastern & Oriental Hotel Penang
Address: 10, Lebuh Farquhar, Georgetown, Penang.
Contact: 04- 222 2000
Facebook: @eohotels
December 1, 2019


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