=Penang= 半月居Yuè Afternoon Tea


Both restaurant and their food of 半月居Yuè are instagrammable, and it is a place that you want to pose for elegance and classy.

Though some of Gibson's friends think the food is more charming than delicious on their last visit, but Gibson found it beautifully delicious, maybe the kitchen has a great improvement over the months, or just something favourable to Gibson's taste.

Gibson likes the idea of how they portray Chinese culture in a elegance way into their food, the Yan Chi, which is made of Raspberry in a powder form, can be dusted on the strawberry yogurt, fun and flavourful.

Another eye catching thing is their Japanese wagyu-wanna be sorbet, though is a mixture of Strawberry and Yogurt, but Gibson almost taste the meat in it, maybe just psychologically, since it does look like the real meat.

半月居Yuè is now offering Chinese classy theme afternoon tea that is priced at RM68+ per pax. It is definitely a fun and exciting afternoon tea to explore, at least this is something extraordinary and not the typical afternoon tea you can get else where.
Kataifi Prawn
Prawn Pate, spiced chilli gel
Gua Bao (Beef or Duck)
Honey, Soy, Lotus Bun
Money Bag
Beancurd Sheet, Chicken, Leek
Lotus Cake
Pineapple, Butter, Flour
Osmanthus Jelly
Osmanthus, Sugar
Red Date Choux
Red Date, Butter, Flour
Yan Chi Rouge Strawberry
Strawberry, Yogurt, Raspberry
Stone Lion
Charcoal, Mango
Vegetarian A5 Wagyu
Strawberry, Yogurt, Soy
Afternoon tea can choose to drink tea or coffee.

Choose your Tea: Green Tea, Ginseng Oolong, Dragon Pearl Jasmine, Pu Er Xiao Tuo,
Choose your Coffee: Brazil Cerrato Natural or Colombia Hula Washed
半月居 Yuè
Address: 93, Jalan Irving, 10400 George Town, Pulau Pinang (inside Tien)
Contact: 012-419 9337
Business Hours: 3pm – 5:30pm(Hightea)/6pm – 10pm (Dinner), Closed on Tuesdays.
They do charge 10% service charge.
*High Tea*
December 3, 2022



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