=Penang= WonderFood Museum

No doubt this is the biggest bowl of Laksa in Penang, but you cannot eat it, because it is not real, and you can get more giant foods like this at WonderFood Museum which has just opened on 21 November 2015. The gentleman with the Laksa is Mr.Sean, the owner of the museum.

The interesting part of the museum is although you know that the foods displayed here are fake, but they look so real.

Even their Fried bull-eye Egg is bigger than an Iphone.

Upon entering the museum, you will immediately enter the Malaysia Street food hall, where they showcase lots of street foods.

These are the miniature hawkers that sell fried noodles and Teh Tarik.

In the next section you will see a table full of Nyonya cuisines.

On the wall, the 4 clocks and the accompanying display indicating our 4 meals for a day.

They also showcase the cuisines during festivities of our 3 main cultures in Malaysia, Chinese, Malay and Indian. This picture is showing Indian Food.

Malay Food.

Chinese Food.

These are the variety dishes of Nasi Kandar.

Now we are moving to another interesting section where they are displaying the unusual dining scenario, as you can observe in this picture the food on the table are covered with fungus. Could this be a Haunted house?

How about adding some color to our food?

Or in Black and White?

Imagine having a meal suspended in space where everything is floating around.

Remember to “eat” the giant stick of Satay and drumstick.

Having fun with the gigantic Penang famous street foods.

A humongous bowl of Cendol that is taller than most of us.

What can we do with these broccolis?

Among the broccoli, you will find a miniature character from the Penang famous mural.

Now, we are moving on to the second floor where you will be led through a time tunnel that showing how Penangites buying their food back in the old days.

These are the estimated food that is consumed by a human person for a whole year.

A Giant Roti Canai.

Giant fruits too.

These are 2kg fat and muscle.

You can even hold it in your hands and feel the differences between fat and muscle.

This is the Golden room showcasing the most expensive foods from around the world, so the gold on the food is made of real gold leaf. No kidding.

From the golden Macaroon to the golden Sushi, you name it they have it.

The killing stop when there is no demand, so we are FINish!

There are 4 main flavors that we are familiar with, the sweet, the bitter, the sour and the spicy; they are all represented here.

Who spilled the ice tea? No worries, as this is their souvenir that is available on sale.

Food is Precious, Don’t waste. A good message from the museum.

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WonderFood Museum
Address: 49,Lebuh Pantai, Georgetown 10200 Penang
Contact: 04-2519095
Business Hours: 9am – 6pm Daily, Last admission at 5pm
Fee: MyCard adult RM15, Children RM10, Senior RM10
Foreigner adult RM25, Children RM15

November 22, 2015


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